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Cloud-Based from day one.

Ever since we launched our first "cloud-based" solutions in 2002 we have always pushed our development efforts to broaden the scope of services we provide our clients. Today those clients include sponsor banks, acquirers, ISOs, fintechs, software companies, partners, and merchants, who all employ our cloud-based platform for real-time utilization and management of the payment and risk solutions that fit their needs and roles within the process.

A critical aspect of any payments technology is systems security. We implement our security on multiple levels: from physical access, firewalls and transport protocols to database and application level authentications and permissions, to strong encryption. Our approach is designed and maintained to provide a secure environment for sensitive and financial information.

About linked2pay

As an easy to utilize payments and risk solutions platform, linked2pay is a recognized innovator in the delivery of award-winning technology. The company is dedicated to the development of both integrated & non-integrated solutions that securely enable all our business partners and their customers to manage all types (card, ACH, Remote Deposit) of their payments processing and risk management more easily.

About paycosmos

Our dba paycosmos is a registered ISO/MSP of Avidia Bank, Hudson, MA., enabling them to acquire and process for approved merchants on the major card brand networks. It also is integrated to offer all solutions available on the linked2pay platform, including Instant Merchant Settlement.